About us

We are the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. We’re determined to ensure that people and nature can thrive together, for generations to come.

We need to look at the value of nature in economic and social terms to help us better understand the full implications of the choices we make. Instead of making decisions based on short-term financial interests, we can look at the longer-term benefits for people and the economy – and of course nature itself.  Using this argument, we’re persuading governments and businesses to take better care of the natural world, so that it can continue to sustain us all into the future.

We're tackling this in many ways including the type of merchandise we sell through our online shop to show that it is possible to have great products that are desirable but also sustainably sourced.

Look out for organic and fairly traded cotton and FSC stationery featured throughout the online store to show that great choices can be made by you for your family and friends and the planet.